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Get your hands on the sewage treatment system of the future

Solar Air offers 4 sizes in a one piece design: 500, 600, 750 and 800 with pump tank for easy installation. Solar Air 1000 and 1500 gdp with separate pump tanks.

Sign your air solar aerobic treatment system up for our 24 month warranty. This allows it to be free from any defects of workmanship or materials for a whole 2 years!

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Solar Air consists of heavy duty reinforced concrete, including all baffles, with no fiberglass, plastic cones, or inserts needing to be replaced. You will always have easy access to every component of the system, with a linear aerator that is built to last. Best of all, any systems can be ordered with liquid chlorinator, and standard household bleach can be used. No more messy tablets!

Residential and commercial

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Advantages of Solar Air

  • A one piece three compartment sewer plant, which includes pretreatment.

  • Completely made of heavy duty reinforced concrete, including all baffles.

  • No fiberglass or plastic cones or inserts to be replaced.

  • Easy access to every compontent of the system.

  • Extremely quiet and efficient long life linear aerator.

  • All systems can be ordered with liquid chlorinator; no more messy, costly    tablets for your customers. Uses standard household bleach.

  • Exclusive territory for manufactures.

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