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The Aerobic sewage treatment system is an extended aeration activated sludge process. This type of treatment depends primarily on the use of air that is introduced into the wastewater from your home as soon as it enters the treatment unit. When air is introduced, it promotes the growth of

organisms that break down the organic solids. The introduction of air into wastewater is called aeration. Aeration provides dissolved oxygen that mixes with the wastewater promoting and sustaining the organisms or bacteria that breakdown the organic solids that enter the treatment plant.


The pretreatment tank, the first component of the system, begins the anaerobic decompostion of the influent and retains any non-biodegradable materials

entering the system with the wastwater.


The aeration chamber introduces oxygen into the wastewater by means of a very quiet, highly efficient linear air pump. This aeration process mixes the organic materials contained in the wastewater with the bacterial population allowing the bacteria to attack and break down the organic materials.


In the clarifier, the solids separate from the liquid and settle to the bottom. The matter is called activated sludge, which is returned to the aeration chamber to be mixed. As solids settle in the clarifier, a clear, odorless effluent rises and flows out of the wastewater treatment plant through the chosen method of disposal.

Treat your wasteware

Fiberglass encased system

• Pretreatment tank where influent enters from home.


• Aeration chamber where oxygen

is pumped into the sewage.


• Clarifier where clear odorless

effluent rises.


• The extremely quiet, efficient

aerator and pump.


• Complete control center monitors

and controls the system.

System features

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We offer a 24-month warranty on any  Solar Air System!

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Every Solar Aerobic treatment system is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials from the date of installation for a period of no more than twenty four (24) months. When properly installed and registered by the manufacturer or appointed representative, the manufacturer's sole obligation under the warranty shall be to repair or exchange any component, F.O.B. factory, that in the manufacturer's judgement is defective. This warranty applies only to the treatment system itself and does not include any of the purchaser's

plumbing, drainage and/or disposal system or house wiring.


The proper installation of the SA-500 FRP with 750 pump tank is installed by backfilling with sand and filling with water. When filling, be sure all compartments are evenly balanced, 20" in each compartment. No more than 2 feet of cover on top.


If unit is not installed according to NWSI procedures the unit will NOT be covered under warranty.


This warranty does not cover any system that has not been properly installed, has been flooded by any external means, has been infested by ants, has been disassembled by any unauthorized person or has had anything other than normal household wastewater introduced into it. Losses due to acts of nature are not covered by this warranty.


The Manufacturer is not responsible for nor claims responsibility for any delays or damages caused by defective components or for losses incurred by interruption of service or for the labor costs of repair or replacement of parts covered by the warranty.


A continuing service policy with terms comparable to the Initial Service Policy is available through the Solar Aerobic dealer. Contact your Solar Aerobic dealer for information.

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